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Brannan Center will be a contemporary, multipurpose facility.

Event spaces — Opening 2025

Main Hall

  • 2,000 sq ft

  • Theater seating for 130 people

Upper Hall

  • 1,900 sq ft

  • Theater seating for 110 people

Additional venues include the Conference Room, Cellar Hall, Courtyard Meeting Room, Conference Room, and a Catering Kitchen. These and many more amenities will make this one of the most versatile and beautiful facilities in Napa County.


Event Spaces

Brannan Center will have a newly constructed 1,150-square-foot entry hall with fireplace, a 22-foot open-truss ceiling, an ADA ramp to the mezzanine level, two sides wrapped in glass, and three sets of double doors opening onto a grand outdoor terrace overlooking Washington Street and the Berry Street bridge over the Napa River.

Encompassing nearly 2,300 square feet, the entry terrace will be flush to the Entry Hall and Main Hall floors, allowing unhindered movement from inside to outdoors.

Main Hall

The Main Hall sits within the original 150-year-old sanctuary. With its 18-foot ceiling of original old-growth clear redwood, original gothic window openings filled with new reproductions, and original wood floors, the hall will retain its historic grace while accommodating a new acoustic cyclorama stage shell together with wood-veneered acoustic wall panels.

These additions will help create a beautiful acoustical experience that will be complemented by a state-of- the-art audio-video and broadcast system modeled and created by the international acoustic design firm WSDG. Through the community cable portal we will have the ability to broadcast community meetings, conferences, school concerts, and plays.

The 2,000-square-foot Main Hall will have the capacity to seat up to 130 people in a concert setting. The use of movable chairs will make the space truly multi-functional for concerts, presentations, weddings, community meetings, or even dancing.

Upper Hall

Located directly behind the Main Hall at a mezzanine level is a 1,900-square-foot second performance space capable of seating an audience of 110. The Upper Hall provides a 270-square-foot stage behind a proscenium arch elevated three feet above the audience floor. Ideal for community theatre groups and school performances, the Upper Hall shares the facility’s professional audio-video and broadcast capability.

Designed to be a highly flexible space, the Upper Hall may be opened to overlook the Main Hall when required. In addition, the space can be configured for banquets using the new dumbwaiter to access the professional catering kitchen directly below.

With the designed-in flexibility of use plus a newly constructed 11-foot ceiling equipped with both theatrical, room, and ambient lighting, the Upper Hall will serve a large spectrum of community activities currently lacking in the UpValley.

Conference Room

A newly configured 425-square-foot Conference Room, located on the mezzanine level and overlooking the London Plane trees along Washington Street as well as the historic Holy Assumption Monastery, will be a light-filled multi-purpose space that can be configured as a conference room, a classroom, a VIP lounge, or a small community meeting room.

Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic displays and internet capability as well as a buffet counter with sink, it is anticipated that the space will serve a significant number of user groups from every segment of the community. The Conference Room will also provide space for special activities during performing arts events.

Cellar Hall

Located on the lowest level, the Cellar Hall is a multi-use 1,288-square-foot open room that will be used primarily for community activities requiring a large open space such as dance classes, first aid training, yoga classes, etc.

The Cellar Hall also has direct access to the adjacent professional catering kitchen creating the potential for education in nutrition and cooking, as well as providing a staging area for food service to the upper halls.

The Cellar Hall level has its own ADA restroom and its own independent ADA ramp access directly from the Washington Street sidewalk. This independent entry will allow for community groups’ use of the Cellar level even while the upper levels are in use during an event.

Courtyard Meeting Room

The new ramp descending from the Washington Street sidewalk leads to a 353-square-foot intimate open-air courtyard and acts as the outdoor access entry for the community-oriented Cellar Level.

Connected to the courtyard by a glass wall is a 500-square-foot meeting room ideal for group meetings, for use as a classroom or playroom, or for any number of activities various groups may require. With independent access and a restroom, it will be available without restriction while other events are taking place on the upper levels of the complex.

Catering Kitchen

The Catering Kitchen will be a professional kitchen, licensed and inspected by the Napa County Health Department, for the sole use of Brannan Center activities and events.

It includes refrigerated and frozen food storage and areas for food prep, cooking, and washing within 735 square feet of workspace. The kitchen is supported by a dedicated access ramp directly to the parking lot, its own exterior refuse area, and a commercial-grade dumbwaiter connecting to the Upper Hall for meal and banquet service.

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