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Updated: Mar 2

In November we realized that for fundraising we needed to improve our presentation of the architectural vision. One of the many project friends, Denis Sutro, had a relative that recommended a firm that could transform the drawing of our architect, Tim Wilkes, into 3D real-life images - that's how Denis, Tim, and Ed spent hours working with a firm in Ukraine during December. Given limited time and money we needed first to determine which images were most important, and then which angles would present the most information. Then a back-and-forth set of Facetime conversations over each image were held over 3 weeks as the initial image would be incrementally improved. More than once the power would be out in Ukraine (the war...) and our partner would be illuminated only by the light of their smartphone. What resulted were very helpful not only for fundraising but for potential contractors to better understand the desired building details.

Our goal was to illustrate daytime and evening usage of the facility, and both community and event usage. We chose to focus primarily on the Main Hall to show the acoustic treatment the hall will receive, and also show how the Upper Hall can be opened to the Main hall (e.g. the nightime scene). As the church was before, the building will be a gathering place for the community and the terrace will provide an enjoyable entrance to the building. For those who remember the church, notice how well the rendering captures the virgin redwood ceiling and floorboards of the Main Hall.

Here we have the images, and a link to the firm in Ukraine.

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