A Short History of the Brannan project, Part 1 (2020)

March 4, 2023

In the fall of 2019 two separate groups of Calistogans came together when they realized they each shared an interest in the future of the building known as The Green Church.  One group had deep personal experience with the Presbyterian church or the non-profit activities that were conducted out of the building, and the other group recognized the increasingly empty state of a large building with a wonderful location and the potential it offered.

The pandemic offered, in hindsight, a stellar opportunity to accelerate the project as we were all locked down in Napa county.  As well, a number of skilled people with second homes in Calistoga suddenly became fulltime residents and offered their help on a volunteer basis.  [ Thanks, Sarah Haynes, Bobbi Frioli, Gia Nikolova! ]

Here is a link to one of our early board meetings in June 2020 :

It was in 2020 that the architectural vision of the project evolved from a basic repair of the red-tagged building to a multifunctional Community and Performing Arts Center.  We had a vivid debate on the importance of 'OK' or 'Excellent' acoustics, conducted a survey of the numerous groups that had used the Presbyterian church for secular purposes over the years, and began the many, many site surveys and studies necessary to assess the condition of the building.   The original deed from Sam Brannan was unearthed, along with many photographs and stories.

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